Viral Marketing - Secrets Revealed Part III   By Govind Kumar 



In our last article, we have talked about the wisdom of distributing e-articles and e-books. Let us analyse if there are any other marketing tricks which can of considerable use in Web Marketing.

One viral technique is to create a freeware program and distribute it free. In that freeware you should scatter links to your site. This will create a lot of visitors, provided the software is good quality. The fame of your company will spread like wildfire. Provided the software is good, you will get a lot of hits to your site. Word of mouth publicity about your company and your software will spread all over the Net.

Another strategy is to create " Tell it to a friend ". This simple script can be installed in less than an hour and this facility allows visitors to your site to recommend your site to their friends. Their friends will definitely
visit your site as human beings tend to believe their friends.

Another trick is to install greeting cards on your site. All people want to send e-cards to their relatives & friends in order to do so they will visit your site. Each card contains a link to your site which will produce
an appreciable amount of traffic. This is one of the most powerful of all viral techniques.

Another technique is to incorporate a free searchengine submission program on the site and advertise that your site has a free submission program. Many site owners will visit your site for free submission. You can advertise
the free submission program in your sig file and in your ezine ads. It will look like this

"FREE! Free submission to 10 search engines.Visit
and submit to Altavista, Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, Looksmart and build
incredible traffic at no cost ! "

Another trick is to hold a contest and advertise that your site is holding a contest. This will bring tremendous traffic on your site as people tend to be drawn to intellectual contests which tests their skill. This is an opportunity for people to pass away their time, test their IQ and MQ & also get some gifts.



Distributing ball-pens with the name of your dotcom imprinted on them helps in spreading the word. You can offer it as a gift to your customers or to people who come to enquire in your shop.

Distributing T-shirts with the name of your dotcom printed on them is another marketing trick. You can kill two birds with one stone. You have given freebies to your potential customers and you have spread the word
about your dotcom!

All your offline promotion material should have your url address imprinted on it along with your email address. Business cards should be distributed freely to whomsoever you come into contact. Make it a point to distribute
at least 3 business cards in a day. Marketing is the life-blood of business!

In your articles, you can recommend your friend's products, the products of the affiliate programs you have signed up & you can give links to your friend's sites ( and ask them for a reciprocal link ). You can sign up for many affiliate programs and then promote these products through your writing !

After writing articles, submitting them is another Herculean task. My method of  Article Submission is as follows.

After writing my first article on AstroNumerology, I went to & typed Numerology Submit Article.

The Search showed 1600. I went to each of the links and submitted my article.

Most of the intellectual websites have a Submit Article Webpage wherein they say "Share your Expertise and Profile your business". You will not be paid monetarily but you will get Free Advertising in return as the bio shows who you are. So this is the practical way to do it. Go the Search Engines, type Subject Subject
Article and submit your  article to the links that appear as Searches.

Group Lists

Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) 

When a searcher searches on the Web, what happens?  He types in a keyword and then searches appear on the search engines. The SE s will  search and only web pages with optimised  keywords will appear in the first ten. So optimise your web pages. Optimisation means stuffing your web pages with the most popular keywords. Then your web pages will appear on the SEs, resulting in great traffic and your site or blog will be a big hit ! In order to do that, you should have highly optimised articles on your sites. If you write optimised articles,  you can be an instant success, as those optimised articles will bring in traffic  ! As we said before, optimised unique content writing is the secret mantra of the Web !

On the Net, success depends on Marketing. Benjamin Franklin talked about improving our 13 skills which will lead to millions, the greatest of which is adcopywriting.  Marketing skill is another. Promote, promote
& promote !

Happy promoting!