Article Marketing IV -  By Govind Kumar 

If your marketing plan does'nt include writing, better incorporate it immediately. The whole Net belongs to writers. Isn't the Web an Information Encyclopaedia? All people want content and you better give quality content to be recognised amongst the multitude. Your web site must have good content, something original and  unique.

Now here we focus on using writing skill as a marketing tool. Optimised content writing is the mantra of the Web. Optimised content writers are the need of the hour. Optimised article writing can bring home the bacon. 

The place where you can deposit your articles on the Web is called an article bank. You can post your articles to these article banks. You will be surprised that many people read your articles, visit your site and subscribe to your newsletter. They may hire you or pay you for your future articles! This is FREE ezine advertising and you can save thousands of dollars which otherwise would have gone to marketing ! 

You can write copyright info and bio on every article you submit and in some article banks you can include your photo.

I used to visit writingtreedotcom  and post my articles there. This is a site which encourages writers. Writing is an art and this is recognised by this site.

You have to market your articles. For this you can design a web page like Marketing Educate  and link all the articles into an article bank. It gives the visitors option  to read any of your articles. Free Marketing is effectuated by Article Marketing. 

Another good site where you can submit your articles is selfgrowthdotcom Their newsletter is pretty successful with a large circulation base. Your article may be published by them if they like it.

I always submit my articles to marketing-seekdotcom. They have ezines dealing with a lot of subjects despite the fact that they concentrate on marketing. You can get your articles published in their ezines.


The reason for publishing your article on your website is that some sites which have a Web Page called Submit Article want it to be published on the Web. They ask for the url where the article can be found.

Publish or perish ! Use your Nature-given talent to write and write your way to the top. Dont let the inhibitions in the mind block you from being a successful writer. Dont let age prevent you from writing !

Chaucer at Woodstock with the nightingales,
At sixty wrote the Canterbury Tales !
Goethe at Weimar, toiling to the last,
Completed Faust when eighty years were past !

On the Net, Content is King and Email is Queen. Take advantage of this equation. People are ready to pay for branded content !


In our earlier articles, we dealt with the wisdom of creating an Ezine and distributing it.

How do we do it? There are softwares available for bulk mailing.

If you want more data about writing, you can go to which has a forum for freelance writers and screenwriters. Just type "writers" and you will be stunned at the information you get.

A website where you can deposit your articles is called an article bank. Dont think all sites pay you for your articles. Only one site in my list pays at 2 cents per click. With that sort of money you cant become a millionaire instantly. You have to place copyright info and a bio on each article. Many will read your articles, subscribe to your Zine, write to you, visit your site, hire you or pay you for future articles !

If you dont have enough articles for your ezine, you can visit an articles bank. Even if you dont have the time to write you can do the same. These article banks allow you to use articles from their sites!

Marketing these articles is difficult. If you design a page on your website, you can link the artilcles you have deposited into an article page.