Article Marketing V - By Govind Kumar 

In this article we discuss signature files and their uses.

A sig file ( signature file ) is a short bio of yourself. It contains your url and email address.

Signature files have got tremendous use in Web Marketing. It goes along with every email and proclaims who you are and what knowledge you have and what you sell.

This is a sig file which goes out with email I send.

Zodiac Computers = G Kumar
Sidereal Astrology & Yogic Psychology Expert
Get your free Astronumerology Report was one site which came up due to Viral Marketing. The message " Get your free email with" spread like a virus and within 18 months Hotmail has 30 million registrants. This is what the sig file can do. If you give a freebie, you can add that too in the sigfile. In my sig file I offer a free Astronumerology Report & so many at least 50 percent of the receipients do visit my website.

If you are using Outlook Express, you can set up a Sig File. You can go to Tools on the Main Menu, click Options, click Signatures and design a sig file and devise in such a way that this sig file goes out with every email that you send.

Ezine Ads

Ezine ads are the most costefficient way of advertising. What is advertising, after all ? It is Salesmanship-In-Print! Ezines do not charge much when compared to banner ads and express search engine submissions. For a nominal price, you can have your ads blasted to thousands of the ezine's subscribers.

If you have an ezine, you can swap ads with other subscribers. If your ezine has a subscriber base of 1000 and if you want to swap ads with another ezine which has a subscriber base of 2000, you can do a 1:2 ratio.

Adcopy writing is an art. The first and foremost principle to bear in mind is get the attention of the reader. The ad copy headlines should be attractive and should catch attention. You have to focus on the 'you' benefits, that is what how the customer will benefit from purchasing your products. You convince him about his benefits and he will definitely buy your product. My ad which pulled in a lot of subscribers runs like this

--->>>FREE Ezine Ads For YOU!<<<---
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of your business! Get 1 FREE ad in the Z Files ! Please click
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In this ad I tell the consumer how he will benefit by subscribing to my ezine.

Article Banks

Article Banks are "Banks" where articles can be deposited. In our last article we had given the email addresses of the article announcers.

Here we give the links for submitting it online. - This site send daily newsletters You can submit your articles to them. They publish
Quotes and marketing tips. They have a large subscriber base. - Two Web Marketing experts are the brains of this site. They are publishers
of 10 ezines belonging to 10 categories!

Article Swaps

You can swap articles with other writers who has ezines.

Ebooks are electronic books used as a promotional tool on the Net to get traffic and to boost sales. They are
educational tools and can be of immense benefit to newbies.

Creating an ebook is sound marketing wisdom. Dont be put off by the inhibiting thought that you cannot write. Such a statement is far from truth. You can write and you can write your way to glory. Create an ebook about your area of expertise and offer it free to visitors of your site !

So, after you have created your eBook, how do you go about promoting it?

First offer it free to people who you are in contact with online. Include it in your sig file in, your email discussion lists, especially those active groups that are geared towards eBooks such as:

Submit your eBook to as many directories as possible. Here are a few directories that you can start off with if your eBook is free .

You have to understand that this electronic medium is very effective and we hope this gives you some ideas on how to promote your eBooks !