Article Marketing 6 - By Govind Kumar 



In our last articles, we had dealt about the wisdom of writing articles. It is said that Kant wrote his Transcendental Dialectic amidst poverty and obscurity. Writing made him famous. It is clear that Writing has the capacity to destroy poverty & obscurity !

We have pointed out that the Ultimate Marketing Tool is the e-article. Free Information is given in the article and Free Information is what the netizens need. The real marketing tool is the Resource Box, which acts as a powerful ad for us.

Resource Box - The most powerful tool in Viral Marketing

In the resource box, you should 

 1) Get a subscription for your Newsletter

2) Sell your product

3) Sell your affiliate product.

Getting a subscription for your Newsletter or Ezine is very important. Newsletter ensures that you are in touch with your potential customer base. You can sell your backend products to them. You can give Free offers, free information and free ebooks to them and sell yourself to them

Selling your product is important because that is why you are on the Web. Too many debit bills and less income means that you will be out of business.

Your affiliate product can also be sold. That is the affiliate programs you had signed for. All you have to do is to give the affiliate link in the Resource Box. In your article also, you can recommend your affiliate products.

The Resource Box will be read by all and if you submit your articles to  300,000 ezines and 2.4 million sites ( I just typed Submit Article in Google and Google showed 2.4 million sites ), it will be read by millions!


See this example for a Resource Box

Article by G Kumar, astrologer, writer and programmer of

The first sentence shows who I am, the second line sells my product, the third line gets a subscription for my ezine, the Z Files and the last line sells my affiliate product !

If your aim is to get more hits to your site than sell something, the Resource Box can be written like this

Article by G Kumar, Astrologer, writer, philosopher   &  programmer of marketingwisdomdotblogspotdotin 


After I finished my 50 odd articles, I created a database or a Mailing List of their email ids. I have more than 400 now and once I finish my articles, I send them to this Mailing List of 400 receipients using Aureate Group Mailer, a free Group Mailer Software.


You can go to Google and type Submit Article and Google will tell you a List of the sites which accepts article submission. You can copy the each and every link and create a database of links !


The ancients used to say that there is no philosopher who is not a writer. The writer, they said, is he who perceives the Celestial Diameter. While these claims may be tall or not, one thing is for sure - On the Net, only writing can save us. They were not wrong when they said that Writing can survive the Cosmologial Cycles !