Blog Your Way to the Bank  By Govind Kumar 


Haven't you heard about the Blog Marketing Explosion ? Blogs are weblogs, updated weekly or daily. It is an online diary or journal.  Blogs have become more popular than websites. There is no need to know HTML, no need to arrange files like a librarian, no need to design webpages ! All you have to do is to write whatever that comes to your mind ( as you write in a diary or journal ) and blog it on free blog servers, like Blogger or Wordpress ! Lo ! you have created a readership.

There is one author, who quit his job due to Blogging ! The donations which he got from his blog outnumbered his salary. There is nothing wrong in asking your readers donations ! After all, a writer has to live ! Displaying Google Adsense ads or other ads can definitely generate revenue.

I started Blogging three months ago. I was excited when I first got my Google check. I have 3 websites and 10 blogs and blogs contribute 30% to my earnings !

You are writing a lot of things in your diary. Why can't you write the same in a Blogger and get paid for it ?

Blogs are used in Marketing ! You can highlight your products and services and it will be read by the international community. You will be regarded as an expert !


25% Cyberspace has become Blogosphere, a term coined by William Quick. ( " The intellectual cyberspace which we occupy, I call it the Blogosphere " ) !

You can create a lot of blogs, like I did ( I created 10 ). Every post becomes a blog page and you can display ads on each page and get paid for it ! I created more than 350 blog pages with Google Ads !

These are my ten blogs, which bring home the bacon ! 

ZodiacAstrology, Fourfold Yoga etc on Blogger.  

Jason Calacanis  Or Joel Comm. They make a six figure income from Adsense. Joel is known as Dr Adsense.

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For writing in a diary nobody pays you offline. But online, you are paid !

Content is King. Whether it is a site or a Blog. If you can write good content, if you can search engine optimise your blog, then you can succeed ! This is Prosperity Thinking !

There are 70 million blogs out there. Yours have to be good. You can submit your blogs to the Blog directories like Technorati and Postami. You can create xml feeds and submit it to feed directories. You can Blogtimise or optimise your Blogs. More blogs means more blog pages and you increase your chances of getting paid from PPC ( pay per click ) ads !

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With warm regards,
G Kumar
Astro Scholar, programmer, writer


Here are certain terms used in Blogging

Blogtimisation - This is finding the appropriate keywords for your niche blog and using it in the articles published on the blog

Blognetisation - This is for Blog Monetisation. You can put quality ads on your blog and get paid for it

Blogtipping - This is for giving tips for other bloggers so that they share your knowledge and experience and get benefited by it. 

Blog Marketing - Using blogs to market your products. 

Good luck with blogs !