Content Marketing

Marketing is the way. Success depends on Marketing. You have to market yourself properly & then only will you  succeed. 
Learn Marketing from the Marketing experts and market  Yourself!  Now, content Markeing is the latest buzz.   
What is Content Marketing ? 
Creating priceless, original  content and marketing it is known as Content Marketing. Good informative, content should be the base of your e Marketing.  As the traditional world of marketing has been shut off by the consumers, Content Marketing is the answer. The behavioral patterns of Netizens are changing !

Create great content by way of articles, videos, FAQs etc and broadcast it to your target audience. As the consumer becomes more and more aware of the traditional marketing tactics, we have to change our survival strategies. Distribute relevant content to  attract, conquer  and engage our target audience - this is defined as the true purpose of Content Marketing
Can consumer behavior be changed with Content Marketing ?
Yes, we generate  invaluable content with the main aim of changing consumer behavior. It is Pre Selling and is the art of communicating with your potential prospects without selling it. It is distributing information, instead of highlighting 
your products or servicesDont Sell, influence ! 
ORM or Online Reputation Management 

Can be defined is the most difficult management job on the Net . What is ORM?  It is the process of following online references to a brand, a person or company. ORM handles  some negative opinions which can go against your brand. Bad publicity can happen to all online professionals.

Suppose a jealous rival goes on a campaign of character assassination against you and publishes  his comments on a popular blog or site ? Such negative comments can damage your reputation. ORM monitors public opinion. Evaluation of opinion and subsequent rearguard action is called for. The Net, which is nothing but a World Wide Wonder can make you or break you. ORM monitors public perception, evaluates feedback and acts accordingly. ORM is the blend of Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and PR.


Create great profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace etc and create friends on these networks. This is SMM or Social Media Marketing. Create Opitimised Brand Content, optimised unique content and link your website to these Social Media Networks. Use the Push Strategy of Viral Marketing. Push your website to the search engines, with keyword optimisation. Let all Social Media Sites link to you. Tweet regularly. Write micro blogs or tumble posts to FB, Google + etc. Link your sites and blogs to these Social Media Networks.  Give articles away free. Give free advice. Be an expert with your booklet and position yourself as a Master in your field. In other words, market yourself !

Social Media Impact Score 

I created profiles at FB, G+, In and Twitter, just to name a few social media sites. I created more than 10 business pages on FB. Groups on FB and worked hard and my site Eastrovedica got 100% Social Media Impact score ! These are the number of likes I got 

Facebook  4706

Twitter        67

Google +    14

Delicious     7

My new site, also got 202 likes on FB ! Of course it takes a lot of time, but the effort at the Social Media Sites is worth it. 

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Remember it takes just one opinion to drive your reputation to the
ditch. Jealous rivals are always on the prowl, looking for your weak spots
and minus points. They are ready to pounce on you like leopards in a jungle.

Traditional Reputation Management needed attention how a company was perceived by the public. It narrowed the gap between perception and reality, identified the USP, while communicating to target audiences. New Reputation Management, which is ORM, does no less, requiring attention to online badvocates and advocates. Now you have to please online media, tweeters, microbloggers, citizen journalists, bloggers, green groups and Webmasters ! Some of these bloggers can undo a company's reputation instantly by disseminating misinformation !