How to Increase Blog Traffic by Article Marketing  by  Govind Kumar 


Article Marketing is defined as that art of marketing by which we get a lot of traffic
due to submission of quality articles to article directories.
Each article contains a resource box. 3 urls are permitted in the resource box.
Here is a sample resource box which gets me traffic
Article by G Kumar, astrologer, writer and programmer  of eastrovedicadotcom


He has 15 years research experience in Stock Market Astrology and other in various other
branches of Astrology.  Recentlyhe was awarded a Certificate by the Planetary Gemologists
Association as a Planetary Gem Advisor. To subscribe to his Free ezine,the Z Files, click here . Blog -
First url is my main website url. Second one is the free subscription to my Zine. And the third is the blog url. This is the resource box used when I submitted an 'Blog Your Way to the Bank' article to article directories.
Now the Zine publishers and website owners are looking for quality articles. They can get these
articles from the article directories. They visit the article directories and download articles of their
choice. They publish these articles in their Zines/ Websites.

The readers read these articles and click on these hyperlinks. And what do you get ? Traffic,
which is Internet Gold !
Normally you can submit a 3 url resource box. Putting more than 3 urls in the Resource box is risky.
Here is a list of Article Directories. I used to submit articles to these directories, which has given
me good traffic.

My main site, has got more than 384 K hits and my main blog, recently started, has got more than 10 K hits, mainly due to Article Marketing !
All my 22 blogs have got good traffic. Also my five websites and I attribute all this to Article Marketing. I blog regularly about the subjects I love - cricket, marketing, blogging, philosophy, astrology, gemology, numerology etc. Many come to my office to learn blogging. I have also monetised my blogs and sites and I get monthly checks from Google & Adbrite,n thanks to Article Marketing !

May you increase your blog traffic with Article Marketing !