Intellectual Marketing ( IM ) 2.0 for Infopreneurs I   By Govind Kumar 


An infopreneur is defined as one who sells info products. You can sell your info products via the Web, via blogs, sites and lenses !


Article Marketing continues to be the best method for getting exposure and traffic to your sites, blogs and lenses !


Create blogs on Blogger or Wordpress. Create as many blogs as possible. Also create lenses on Squidoo. I created 23 blogs on Blogger and 24 lenses on Squidoo.


From your Squidoo lens, give links to your blogs and sites. From my main Squidoo Lens,, I have given links to my main blog,  
One blog post is more or less 200 words. Convert 3 or 4 blog posts into one article. You already got content. All you have to do is to edit it and lo ! you have an article !
After creating an article out of blog posts, you can
Post the article to your Squidoo Page
Post the article to your site
Email the article to subscription lists
Send it to article directories
Send it to article submission lists
Immense are the benefits of Article Marketing!  The e-article has been defined by Ron Knolton as the ultimate promotional tool and it is this tool which will get you traffic.
If you convert blogs posts into articles, you can have as many as 1000 articles per month. Your articles will give you tremendous exposure, generate leads and get you the much needed traffic for your blogs, lenses and sites !
The Benefits of Article Marketing
1) Lead Generation
2) Increased traffic
3) Increased Rankings ( Alexa traffic rankings, Google Page Rankings, Yahoo Inbound links etc )
4) Postioning you as an expert
Your articles will appear on the article directories and these articles will get you traffic. 
If you have Adsense ads, Adbrite ads etc on your sites, blogs and lenses, you can benefit from adrevenue. Just get traffic to these blogs, sites and lenses and your adrevenue will go up !
I have created promotional lists, a list of article submission centers, social bookmarking sites and blog submission centers & you can make use of my promotional lists.
Good Luck with Intellectual Marketing !

Article by G Kumar, internet marketer, writer & programmer of



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