Intellectual Marketing 2.0 for Infopreneurs II      By Govind Kumar 


Internet Marketing is a tough job. Intellectual Marketing is that Art by whch we use our intellect to generate traffic.

Creating a website or blog is not enough. Your sites and blogs should achieve visibility on the search engines. Then only will people come to your site. Remember a blog or a site without traffic is zero. It is traffic which makes a site great. Yahoo, Google or MSN get tremendous traffic ( above 1 miilion hits a day ) and that is why they are ranked high.

There are many methods of attracting traffic. You have to submit your blogs, feeds, urls, articles etc to the respective directories. Then only will they achieve visibility on the search engines.

Talking and writing about generating traffic is easy. It is difficult to get a lot of traffic. One has to do Intellectual Marketing religiously. I put in 10 hours of Web Marketing every day. Otherwise my blogs and sites will be devoid of traffic !

After you have created your blogs, you have to submit them to the blog directories

Submit Your Blogs

This is blog submission web page I use to submit my 28 blogs

Submit Your Feeds

The xml feeds of your sites and blogs should be submitted to the feed directories.

Submit Your URLs

Every web page or every blog page you create is a Uniform Resource Locator or url. You should submit your urls to the Search Engines.

I submit my urls normally via

Submit your Articles

The articles you create should be submitted to the article directories. I use this web page to submit my articles

Ping your blogs

You can submit your feeds using Pingoat ( ) or Pingomatic

Create Squidoo Pages

Squidoo is heavily trafficked and I created 27 lenses on Squidoo. Each Squidoo page is a url and they should be submitted to the Search Engines. Once submitted they will be visible on the Search Engines. Once they are visible, you will get traffic to your Squidoo Page.

From your Squidoo page you should give links to your blogs and sites. That way you will get fairly good traffic.

Use Social Bookmarking

To get traffic, you can submit your pages to Social Bookmarking services like Digg, Technorati etc. These social bookmarking sites get around 1 million bookmarks a day. The web or blog page which you bookmark becomes visible and people read and click and lo ! you have got traffic.

I use the Social Bookmarking Button of AddThis ( ). It submits to over 16 Social Bookmarking Sites.

Good Luck with Intellectual Marketing !


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