Intellectual Marketing III - Add your Bio to directories        By Govind Kumar


Can Internet Marketing be simplified ? Yes, it can be done. Create a great profile and add your data to directories.

E Marketing can take you from obscurity to omnipresence.

I created great profiles in MySpace, Facebook and Ibibo. I also added my bio to the Astro directories, so that everyone trying to find an astrologer can find me.
Article Marketing is said to be the best , of all branches of  E Marketing. Equally important is Promoting Yourself and you can promote yourself by adding your data to the directories.

There are so many directories for professionals. The best is LinkedIn. I created a great profile in Linkedin and many browse my profile !
It is time you started promoting yourself. Rather than promoting your products etc, it is better if you promote yourself, the brains behind your organisation.
It is said " You are always good at something" ! Yes, we are experts in some fields, and it is upto us to identify that field and develop ourselves. We are interested in certain fields and this what is
meant by Passion. Promote yourself and your products in your area of expertise and interest. This is Passion Marketing !
You need not be an internet marketing specialist to do this. You dont have to enlist the services of internet marketing services to be successful ! You can do this yourself, by geeting more exposure. Add your bio to the various directories on the Net.
You can go to the Social sites and submit your bio and at the end do not forget to wirte your url and email. Interested people will find you! You can visit blogs, comment on blog posts and then write your signature file at the end ( The sig file containes your url and email ). You can create free blogs on Blogger and submit the blogs to the blog directories ! People will come to read your blogs. You can blog daily and add info everyday. Your readers will not leave you ! Write with passion !  Write with motivation ! Writing can survive the Cosmological Cycles !
I wrote my first article in 1999 and it was well received. Now more than 200 websites publish my articles. Article Marketing is a great method of attracting. So also Blog Marketing. Social Marketing is another. I creates profiles in MySpace and within quick time, I had 1500 friends. MySpace allows a bulletin and you can send your marketing message to all your friends ! I created another profile on Ibibo and get 600 friends immediately. I blog on both MySpace and Ibibo. I use Facebook and Twitter and I have more than 400 followers on Twitter !
Good luck with Intellectual Marketing ! 

Article by G Kumar, internet marketer, writer and programmer  of