How to Make Money with Sqidoo by Govind Kumar 


Squdoo lenses are like blogs. You can create a lens at . Any number of lenses can be created at Squidoo. It is more or less similar to Blogger, where you can create any number of blogs. You get paid by Blogger for the Adsense ads ( or any ads ) which you exhibit on the blog. Similarly Squidoo pays you for the Adsense ads, the YouTube videos, the Ebay products, which are displayed on your lens.

According to the Squidoo Terms of Service, you can get 50% of adrevenue. You can display Google Adsense ads, YouTube Videos, Flickr photos, Ebay products and many other items. The visitors which come to your lens, read your articles and if they click on the ads displayed on your lens, you get paid by Squidoo.
This is a beautiful concept, as great a concept like Google Adsense.
I created 10 lenses and here some of them  are
OK,  the concept is fine, but how do you become successful as a lensmaster ?
The answer is simple; you have to get traffic to your Lens ! Traffic is Internet gold.
How do we get traffic? The answer is elementary, Article Marketing !
You can write articles on your favourite subjects. It is interest that generates knowledge. You can give the hyperlik of the lens in the Resource box like this
Article by G Kumar, astrologer, writer and programmer  of He has 15 years research experience in Stock Market Astrology and other in various other  branches of Astrology.  Recentlyhe was awarded a Certificate by the Planetary Gemologists Association as a Planetary Gem Advisor. He has created an Astro Software lens at
Now people who read my articles click on the hyperlinks in the resource box, and lo ! I have got traffic, which is Net gold.
There are other methods also. Social Bookmarking can be resorted to. Social Bookmarking sites like Yahoo Bookmarks, Google Bookmarks, Furl, Spurl,, Stumble Upon, Blue dot etc  can give you additional traffic.
Another method is to create a quality lens, so that it gets a higher Ranking. If your lens get a high rank, you will definitely get good traffic, which in turn will give you adrevenue !
You should tag your lens with the appropriate keywords. Let your lens stand out and let it be a cut above the rest !
Good luck with Squidoo lenses !