How to take advantage of Social Bookmarking sites to get traffic for your sites, blogs ! By Govind Kumar


To survive in a fiercely competitive world, you have to use the latest technologies. This principle is also valid in the field of Promotion and Marketing.

The latest craze in the Web Marketing field is Social Networking, Social Bookmarking and Social Media Optimization.
In order to get expsoure for your blogs and sites, you have to do a lot of hard work. You can make use of Social Bookmarking Sites.
I have used Technorati, Digg, and others to get good traffic. I get around 100 hits for my  from Social Bookmarking Sites per day. I daily submit news to these Social Bookmarking Sites at night after 0830 PM Indian Standard Time. For 24 hours, your story with your links will be visible on these Social Bookmarking Sites. Somebody clicks that and bingo ! you have got a hit to your site. I use Social Bookmarking Button. It has lots of Social Bookmarking sites and if you click on their buttons, they will bookmark your url. Others will see it and come to your url !
Have a fantastic, dramatic, attractive headline
If you dont have an attractive headline, people will skip the story.
Example Many Types of Marketing
Modified Headline - Using Social Marketing to get traffic.
Now a site is known by the number of votes it gets from other sites. This is the concept of Web Democracy. If my sites get a lot of votes from other sites, my sites are considered good by the Search Engines. So it is the duty of every article writer, every ebook owner, site owner, zine owner, video owner to get as many votes as possible from other Social Networking/Bookmarking Sites ! Your link popularity will go up !