Zine Marketing Is the Key to Succes on the Net 



CRM is defined as Customer Relationship Management or Customer Relationship Marketing. And Zine Marketing is very important to stay in touch with the customer base !

Creating an ezine is not difficult. You can get an ezine template from the Web and create an ezine. Add one article and some affiliate ads and your ezine is ready to go.

I created my Ezine, the Z Files, in 1999. Now my Z Files has a subscriber base of 42000 !

Zine Marketing has played a key role in the marketing of my sites !


If you have many sites, all these sites can be highlighted in the Ezine. You can write an article and give links to your sites. This is known as the Pull Strategy of Viral Marketing. Your readers will click on those links and bingo ! you have traffic!

You should give an unsubscribe option in your Zine. This is a must. Those who want to unsubscribe can do so. You can also give a subscribe option. Your readers may send your Ezine to their friends, if they like the Ezine and these friends may subscribe to your Zine.

When I started the Z Files in 1999,  my cyber friend Dr Chava Golden said it is wonderful and it will be received well. It was, as she predicted. One reader said I love your Ezine . There are reasons for saying so. I was giving valuable information- astrological, philosophical and about Intellectual Marketing !


You can advertise about your products and services in your Ezine. You can join many affiliate marketing programmes and advertise those affiliate links and earn more.

In other words, Zine Marketing is one of the best marketing methods on the Web !


You can get a lot of subscribers from your website. I have written on my site like this

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You can submit your ezine to the ezine directories. This will make your Ezine more popular.


Once you give useful content, your subscriber base will grow. You can join swap ads with other ezine publishers. You can swap articles also with other ezine owners. You can publish their articles in your Ezine. They will publish your article in return.